Sex Fantasy Stories offers you original, well written erotic stories based around a fantasy theme. The protagonists are female and the focus is on romance and female pleasure. You won't find any bad spelling or dodgy cliches here, just good quality fiction written by professionals.

Sample Story 1 - Beltane

We drank a little more, and watched a number of couples begin to move away from the light of the fires, slinking into the darkness, as was the custom. I caught the eye of the man with the scar as he went past, and he returned my smile.

But then the dancing began. A drum beat out a strong primal rhythm, and I found myself being caught up in the beat. Slightly tipsy with the wine, I stood up and moved into the space near the fire, joined now by other women who were also compelled to move to the thumping sound.

I stomped my feet, swayed my hips, and laughed as I moved. We danced out the joy of life, moving our pelvis and belly in time to the drum, feeling the energy of the blooming earth enter our bodies, making us glow with fertility. I began to throb inside, to feel my heart beating and my blood pumping. I felt the power of possibility grow within me...

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Sample Story 2 - Seduced by the Outlaw

“What a pity. You are so delicate. Your lover should have been gentle, and quiet.  I could imagine it,” he whispered. “He’d kiss you as though your mouth were an opening rose, maybe using his tongue just a little.  And you’d close your eyes and feel like you were kissing an angel.  And then he would trace tiny kisses to your neck, and your earlobe, so you would shiver just a little.  He would touch your hair as though it were precious Thesonian silk, and breathe in its perfume while he stroked your cheeks.”

He reached up to touch her chin, more tenderly than his rugged, scarred hands would suggest, and, she became certain of what it was that he wanted.  Part of her saw an opportunity for freedom.  But most of her was quivering at the thought.  She waited, eager for him to continue.

 “Then he would remove your robe, untying every ribbon with care and easing it down, off your shoulders, off your waist, dropping it carefully around your feet.  And he would kiss your feet, and rub your ankles with the lightest of touches.”

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Sample Story 3 - The Ankhesenamun Fragment

He chuckles.  "I'm going to inflict pleasure.  It's an old interrogation method where I come from, called the Gunther Method.  Anyone can withstand pain; it can be overcome with the mind easily enough, but keep a person from attaining total pleasure and they will tell you anything."  With that he pours something warm and oily on your breasts and begins to knead them using soft, sure strokes, occasionally tweaking the nipples into hardness.

At first you are flabbergasted by this, thinking it must be some kind of joke, but then you start to succumb to the warm pleasure of massage, and you know your secret is already in trouble.

He says, "You know, you are a very beautiful woman.  Today I will enjoy my work."  He places his mouth over yours and expertly kisses you, tickling your lips with his tongue and moving his lips with a sensuality that could only belong to the devil himself.

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