Sex Fantasy Stories


He dips his head and kisses you, a long lingering touch of warm, salty lips on yours. His tongue begins to probe, and soon it seems to be heading down your throat. You ponder what else he can do with that tongue. His hand wanders across your belly, swirling around your navel before dwelling in your crinkly pubic hair. You can't help it, you're melting under his touch. His finger creeps into your slit, now moist with anticipation, and it probes there for what seems like hours....

Sex Fantasy Stories is erotic fiction written in a fantasy setting. It contains sex stories written for women, by women.
Sexy couple kissing Fantasy of Group sex on a four poster bed

Allow yourself to imagine a world where pleasure takes precedence.

A world where the boundaries and rules of society have no force.

A world where love, lust, sensuality and passion hold sway.

Be prepared to succumb to the exquisite delight of your imagination.

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Sex Fantasy Stories
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